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According to the CDC, while the effects of COVID-19 on the health of racial and ethnic minority groups are still emerging; current data suggest a disproportionate burden of illness and death among racial and ethnic minority groups.  CNN has reported new evidence that more African Americans may be dying from the coronavirus in the United States than whites or other ethnic groups, according to a new study. Black Americans represent 13.4% of the American population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, but counties with higher black populations account for more than half of all Covid-19 cases and almost 60% of deaths, the study found.  Conversely, it is being reported, the U.S. has spent $3 trillion on the COVID-19 crisis.  To date, no substantive testing or resources have been allocated and/or disbursed in underserved communities that have large Black populations. 

Our Solution






“Futuristic forward-thinking solutions establishing over 100,000 Community Pods, which will not only provide a local testing and treatment national network for this pandemic, but also for future pandemics.  THIS SOLUTION WILL FLATTEN FUTURE CURVES.”

-   Melvin Forbes, NBC’s Chief Strategist

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NBC and our private coalition’s goal is to implement Responsible Stimulus

into our communities. 

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With more than 9.8  million tithing members and 33,000 plus churches, the National Baptist Convention (NBC) has dedicated themselves to fulfilling the great commission of Jesus Christ through teaching, preaching, and during this pressing moment in history, healing.

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