Creating New Jobs

The National Baptist Convention (NBC) is committed to creating jobs and developing faith-driven strategies to improve the quality of life for its members and the communities they serve.  The health pods give them the ability to provide essential healthcare services and create jobs that are vitally important to the communities in which they serve. With the rollout, there is the anticipation of NEW jobs being created across the country.  The health pods will also aide in the speed of the reopening of the country.  Communities and businesses will want to have access to rapid testing to ensure a COVID-19 free workforce.

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The Bethune Academic Curriculum Kit (B.A.C.K.) is an online job training platform solution that is module driven.  This educational training is a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) focused curriculum that is currently under development. This solution will also feature the Jereleen Hollimon-Miller Virtual Charter School & Virtual School of the Arts.


New Jobs Include:

  • IT

  • Nursing

  • Green Manufacturing

  • Sales

  • Research

  • Customer Care

  • Construction

  • Subcontracting